Monday, December 8, 2008

Raj Thackeray - An iota of substance

[The following is my response to the Raj Thackeray episode where he throws the non-Marathi low skilled labours off - It's copied from a mail i wrote on this issue]

I am not 100% against Raj Thackarey. There is some substance in what he's saying. But his course of action and, perhaps, his intentions are disgusting. The issue, indeed, is there. Not sure if Raj Thackarey had thought of it. It's something like this:

One part of the pond is "cold" - So the fish from that part of the pond goes to other parts of the pond. In that endeavor, knowingly or unknowingly, they make the other parts of the pond colder. Raj Thackarey is trying to remove the "cold" fish from the warmer part. But the solution is two-fold - (1) make the "cold" part warmer and (2) make provisions for native fish in the warmer part so that they are not affected just because some other part of the pond is cold. But doing (2) without one would be unjust to the "cold" fish. Doing (1) and (2) would be win-win for all. Hope the analogy is clear. If it's not clear, it's none of your faults :)

A good deal is always a win-win deal

- Think...


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