Sunday, June 23, 2013

Krishna and Man of Steel

Before getting into Man of Steel, let's revisit the story of Krishna.

Kansa (the bad guy) was creating havoc in the city of Mathura. He arrested Vasudev and Devki and wanted to kill Krishna.Vasudev saves Krishna from the tyranny and took him to Nandgaon where he was raised by Nand and Yashoda.

While at Nandgaon, Krishna did a lot of 'small acts of greatness'. A lake in the village was poisoned by Kaliya Naag. Cows and cattles who drank water from the lake were dying. Krishna went into the lake and 'tamed' the Kaliya Nag with his 'super-human' powers and saved the people of Nandgaon. Then again, when Indra Dev was angry and showered torrential rain on the village, Krishna with his 'super-human' strength lifted Goverdhan Parvat with his little finger and used it as an umbrella for the entire village.

At last, Kansa learned that Krishna was in Nandgaon. There was a dramatic fight between Krishna and Kansa and finally Krishna won and saved the entire Braj Pradesh!

Story of Man of Steel is somewhat similar to the story of Krishna.

Krypton had become too unstable both environmentally and politically. General Zod (the bad guy) wanted the genetic codex hidden within Kal-El. Kal-El's father sent him in a spaceship to earth. Kal-El was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent as Clark.

While on earth, Clark realizes he has 'super-human' powers and does a lot of 'small acts of greatness'. He rescued kids in his school bus which met with an accident and was drowned. He also saved a crew stuck in a burning oil rig.

At last, General Zod learned that Clark/Kal-El was on earth. There was a dramatic fight between Clark/Kal-El and General Zod and finally 'superman' won and saved the world!

I was amazed at the similarity between Man of Steel and Krishna. Sometimes I wonder how great an epic Mahabharata is! A lot of movies/novels have plots which have been inspired/inherited by one or more episodes of Mahabharata.

Do share in case you came across any movie/story which had resemblance to some episodes of Mahabharata

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