Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Similarities between How I Met Your Mother and Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai

In Barney's style - Haaaaaaaaaaaave you met Ted!

HIMYM ended today. And while I thoroughly enjoyed the series, I want to make a different point here.

Top line - HIMYM is so hugely inspired from Kuchh Kuchh Hota hai in its storyline. Or, if I remove my biases, let's say there is significant correlation between the two.
First, the characters:

I should have gotten an indication of this similarity when robin was shown as more 'guyish' - had mostly male friends and played hockey! Now, isn't it similar to the character of Kajol? And both Kajol and Robin didn't look their usual great in their wedding scenes.

Then comes Ted. The chocolate boy (SRK) who marries his miss perfect Tracy.

Tracy's character was similar to Rani Mukherji's. An 'external' person who comes in. Is classy. And, Ted gets bowled over by her.

However, there are times when Ted becomes kajol-ish and Barney SRKish and we'll come to those.
Next comes the scenes:

The first time I got the idea that HIMYM is similar to KKHH was the scene between Barney and Ted during Barney's wedding weekend where he learns that Ted was leaving for Chicago. This scene, in its feel and emotion, was very similar to the 'train scene' in KKHH where Kajol(Ted) figures that SRK(Barney) and Rani(Robin) are in love and decides to leave the town. Ted makes up some story around why he needs to go to Chicago and Barney figures that he is trying to get away from his and Robin's lives.

The nail on the coffin was the ending. Towards then end, you have Tracy(Rani) long been dead. Ted(SRK) is nostalgic. And his kids(little Anjali) insist that he gets married to Robin (Kajol).

Isn't the parallel too obvious? Nonetheless, I really liked both the show and the movie.

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