Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fashion - What??

There are two things you take back after watching Fashion – the first is the ubiquitousness of Nokia phones. Nokia phone is generally known for its sturdiness and high battery life. It is not perceived as a high-end phone. With Fashion, Nokia seems to be trying to change its brand image. The use of the Nokia phone by the high profile ppl in the glamour industry plays a good role in that. The Nokia ringtone played makes the statement all the more explicit. I personally hadn’t seen all those models (of Nokia phones) before. So, yes, I’d say it was a good advertizing strategy by Nokia. CCD also did good advertisement by positioning itself as the meeting place for the models – testifying its catch line, a-lot-a-can-happen-over-coffee. Given the ban on the advertisement of alcohol, Smirnoff took this opportunity to display its crystal clear liquour. Also, Diet coke was seen in between. Even, Habib’s didn’t miss this opportunity to advertize itself as the salon de la models

This is all I observed in the movie. Now, if this is all I observed, then it means there was nothing else to see in the movie. The story line was not only very week abut also very predictive. This is the worst thing a filmmaker would like his film (or story, in case it has one) to be – predictive. Madhur Bhandarkar seems to resting on his laurels. After films like Page 3, which are milestones of Bollywood, a rung of the mill movie like Fashion is least expected. Looks like Madhur is following Subhas Ghai not only by appearing in his movie but also by making an ordinary movie after some extraordinary stuff. The producers, Rahul (?) Screwwala and Madhur bhandarkar, seem to have made enough money from the above brands to cover the costs. I feel , a real measure of how good a movie is, is to measure how many times the audience looks at his watch. I looked at my watch at least 10 times. This is indicates how incapable the movie was to attract its audience.

But there was one good thing in the movie. Kangana Ranaut. This is the second thing I took back, Shee proved that that she is a really good actor. The sudden change in expression when she goes from the backstage, where she is drunk and doped, to the ramp, where she in no time bring attitude to her face, was amazing. She even looked like a show stopper. I started admiring her when Priyanka chopra becomes a model and does ramp walk. Kangana was far far better. She did full justice to the role. Great acting! Other actors were just okay. No other impressive performances.

Overall, it’s a waste of time to watch this movie. This time can be better utilized by killing flies and mosquitoes. Even if the only movie to compete with Fashion were Fashion (,i.e., the same movie), the former would have still lost to the latter :)


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