Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paradise everywhere

Though, we may all agree that 9/11 gave terrorism a new shape, we must not forget that 9/11 was the ONLY major terror attack on the US. The Americans are safe as long as they are in their homes - as the terrorists have not been able to do them much harm in their homes. So, the terrorists target a Marriott Hotel in Pakistan or a Taj Mahal Hotel in India.

Please don't get me wrong here. I am not supporting/condemning the stance US had taken on terrorism. What i am saying is, irrespective of their stance, they are able to save their ppl.

For India, it's an utter Intelligence failure. For that matter, most terrorist attacks are due to intelligence failure.We like aping US in everything we do. We copy the way they talk, dress and eat. But we have not done a tenth as much as they have done to safeguard their ppl.

Terrorist attacks have become so commonplace that we are now on the verge of being comfortabely numb about it. Looks like we should rename all the cities to Kashmir.

- Think ...


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