Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Long time no see?

I am writing this one just because i have not written for a while now. Nope, it's not a paradox. Neither it's an excuse of not writing for a while nor for writing this one.

One reason i didn't write is because i didn't see any movies after Ghajini. Movies are my favourite subjects and i am so passionate about them that i can't help writing about it. My not watching any movies can be called a break after the horrific expirience or a sabbatical. Or just following the newest fad in town of cost cutting? Yes, that's the reason of not writing - just as no-evidence is the reason of Pakistan's inaction pertaining to the 26/11 incident.

The other reason is that i am reading R K Narayan's Waiting for the Mahatma. So you can expect my views on it soon

Yet another reason is the turmoil in the air - the effect of the recession. Shouldn't it make for a good subject to right on?

But the main reason for not writing anything is because i was reading this, this, this and this and also this. These introduced me to a new level of blogging and i was in a state of awe.

These are from the same person, Arnab, more commonly known as GreatBong. His posts are very, very long and the first reaction is to not read it. But just as with most knee jerks, following this "instinct" would only make you the loser. Once you start reading his posts, you cannot stop until you have reached the end. Looks like the posts of GB follows what Vivekananda preached - "Arise, wake and stop not till the goal is reached" - GB just makes it all the more easy - you arise (start reading) and he'll ensure that you don't stop till you reach the end of the post. If you want to give it a try, read this one

There are certain posts of his which are quintessential sarcasm. When you start reading, you feel that GB is praising the subject. That praise continues throughout the post and even till the end. That's it. The praise continues just till the end of the post. After it - you start thinking whether this guy really wanted to praise him? Or was he being sarcastic? You stay in this grey area for a while and then you tend to believe that the whole post was actually criticising the subject.

After reading his review on Ghajini, i, kind of, decided to stop writing unless i have something of that standard. But then, i stumbled upon his review on rab ne bana di jodi and i though mine takes better, deeper look at the movie. His just flushes the movie down the drain by his sarcasm (read brahmastra) without really convincingly justifying it, not common of GB. Then, a stumbled upon another blog of his which wasn't that great - it sounded of fatigue (and so i don't remember what/where it was)

The best part of his posts, however, is the profound knowledge his has about his subjects. The combination of science (knowledge) and art (his way of writing) makes for a good reading (a rarity these days!)


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