Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fast Leadership

[All characters in this article are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead. Any similarity with anything living or dead is purely coincidental]

The leadership fever has engulfed the nation. Everyone wants to be a leader. The person walking ahead is leading from the front while the one walking behind is leading from the rear. And the 'education industry' wants to bridge this gap - the craze among people to be leaders and their leadership skills. This is nothing new for the education industry. They have effectively tapped the obsession of nation with CAT. Now, they have risen up the value chain and have started courses on developing leadership skills.The pioneer in the field of leadership training is 'Fast Leadership'.

'Fast Leadership' training institute claims that they provide holistic training to transform a normal person into a leader very quickly. They also update their curriculum with the latest trends in the leadership domain. Their program is very comprehensive. One of their key courses is on delegation. According to the Ramesh Babu, director of Fast Learning, a leader should delegate work to his team. Since he is leading the team, he should delegate all the work. In times like these, when no one wants to work, a leader should effectively and authoritatively delegate work. 'Decision Making' is another very important skill that is taught at Fast Learning. A leader should take his own decision. Listening to his team, only means that his team is better than him. Even if he doesn't have a clue about the problem, he should make the decision.If one knows something, it's very obvious that he will be able to take decision. But what differentiates a good leader is his ability to take decision even when he has no clue about things.

According to Ramesh Babu, 'Communication Skills' cannot be over emphasized. A leadership should be good at talking to an audience. Even when he is having a small meeting with a couple of members of his team, he should behave as if he is talking to a gallery of 5000 people. The logic is very simple - if something is said with an intensity that 5k people can understand, then definitely 2 will. A leader has to Make Decision, Delegate Work and Communicate Effectively. The leader should represent the group at forums and should take credit for the success - after all, he is the leader. A leader should have good 'Evaluation Skills' to evaluate and identify the improvements. A leader should constantly let his team know where they are going wrong so that they can improve.

Apart from the comprehensive course structure what really differentiates 'Fast Leadership' is their updated curriculum. There is a research team which studies the recent trends to incorporate them in the curriculum. Looking at the recent events, Fast Leadership has started a course on 'Fasting'. Ramesh Babu believes that this course is going to truly transform their students into real leaders. He gives examples of Mahatma Gandhi, Anna Hazare and recently Narendra Modi to show the importance of fasting skills in becoming effective leader. Anna Hazare wasn't a bureaucrat nor a lawyer. He did not have the background to understand the nuances of the Govt. Lokpal bill or to draft the Jan Lok Pal bill (which was not drafted in January) all by himself. However, Anna Hazare was the face of the movement. One of the key skills which he had was 'fasting skills'. If Anna Hazare couldn't control his hunger or taste-buds, would it be possible for him to create such a vast movement? Perhaps an Arvind Kejrival or a Kiran Bedi could have driven the movement. The skill that Anna had honed was 'Fasting Skills' and that contributed to a huge extent in making him a leader. He also goes to the extent of saying - Imaging if Gandhi couldn't stay hungry! Perhaps, the Britishers would have left a couple of decades later. Gandhi's fasting skills made him a leader.

He mentions that one of the features of 'Fast Leadership' is 'upgrade-ability'. Even after a person passes out, he can still get access (for a small fee) to newer courses that are developed. On asking about the past record of 'Fast Leadership', Ramesh Babu mentioned that they have developed great leaders out of ordinary people. Narendra Modi graduated from our institute in Feb 2002. He recently also upgraded and took our new course on 'Fasting'.

'Fast Learning' is all set to shape the leadership coaching industry. With knowledgeable people like Ramesh Babu, who know the worth of every pinch of skills that goes to make a true Leader, backing 'Fast Learning' it's clear that even sky is not the limit.


mgh December 1, 2011 at 12:00 PM  

when 99% of the public become 'leader', the coaching institute will launch 'how to become a good follower' . Its all about demand and supply.

Prashant Mehta December 17, 2011 at 12:04 AM  

mgh ji,

LOL. A different perspective is taht only top 5% of the people become leader. In which case, even though everyone 'betters', there is still only 5% of people who lead :)

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