Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoe to a no shoo-in?

What is common among George W Bush, Wen Jiabao, P Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh?

They were all thrown shoe at. But, no shoe could hit any of them.

That's an innovative way to protest! RDB popularized the candle march. But the most 'in' way to protest looks like hurling the shoes. BTW, even Delhi-6 subtly indicated at mirror march but who has the patience?

The non-violent protests popularized by Gandhi seemed to most effective one. But it looks like the global warming is making people impatient and they are just looking for an outlet for venting the steam out rather than channelizing the steam in proper direction to get the problem resolved. Wondering what has global warming to do with this? Don't think - these days it's the safest and trendiest to attribute any mishaps to Global Warming!

Or is this a different way of giving up and hanging one's boots up?

- Think...


deicider April 29, 2009 at 6:12 PM  

Frankly speaking I dont think all this much thought goes on in the minds of those who throw shoes at these people.
I think they are just bored with their old pairs which would wear out and due to kanjusi of their husbands/wives they cant throw it away and the minute they come to a garbage dump they just dump their shoes.And we all agree there is no greater garbage dump than politics.
On a more serious note may be once u throw away ur shoes u can truly connect with the cosmos around u .Once u throw ur shoe at a blabbering babbon who knows not what he speaks of and tries to control his and ur future through his mundane imaginativeness,u truly feel one with the greater cause or whatever the hell that is.
I so want to throw a shoe at myself now!

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